DuPont Tyvek Graphic Media - Uncoated Rolls

DuPont Tyvek Graphic Media -  Uncoated Rolls
Designed for UV-cure inkjet, screen process, Indigo printing, Flexo, Gravure, Offset.

DuPont Tyvek® Graphic Media styles have become the printing and art material of choice for superior vibrancy, greater strength, lighter weight, better weather resistance, and lower cost. Improved adhesion enhances the effectiveness of ink, adhesive, acrylic paints or other coatings making Tyvek Graphic Media easy to use on flexography, letterpress, and some digital presses.

High strength to weight ratio
Tear resistant
Water resistant
Scratch resistant
Unaffected by temperature extremes
Uses less ink for printing
Brilliant for graphics
Can be painted any color
Easy to staple, stitch, tape, or add grommets for hanging.

Art projects
Theater backrounds
Banners and signs
Tags and labels
Trail maps and guides
Boating, highway guides
General graphics
DuPont's Uses & Applications Guide

Outdoor exposure? Tyvek* Graphics Media is up for it! Corona treatment on both sides of Tyvek styles with a "D" suffix increases surface wettability. There is no need for protective coatings.

Tyvek® 8740D - 7.5 mil - 2.0oz/yd2
51" x 140yd rolls-3"core view pricing

Tyvek® 1073D - 7.5 mil - 2.20oz/yd2
61" x 10yd rolls- 2" core view pricing

Tyvek® 1079D - 7.9 mil - 2.85oz/yd2
50" x 100yd rolls- 3"core view pricing

Tyvek® 1025D - 5 mil - 1.25oz/yd2
36" x 10yd rolls- 2" core view pricing

Tyvek® 1056D - 6.3 mil - 1.60oz/yd2
60.25" x 10yd rolls- 2" core view pricing

Tyvek® 1085D - 10.3 mil - 3.2oz/yd2
57.125" x 10yd rolls-2" core view pricing

Tyvek® Soft Structure Type 14-1443R 5.3 mil - 1.25oz/yd2
60" x 10yd rolls - 2" core view pricing
50yd & 100yd rolls are available, please contact us for pricing

Refer to Tyvek Handbook for design / pre-press tips for printing, ink selection, and details on the various printing processes for Tyvek.

Tyvek MSDS Sheet - Material Safety Data Sheet

A note about UV cure printing:
Cure at the lowest possible temperature to prevent overheating Tyvek. The product should first be tested to insure desired results.
Recommended outdoor exposure times:
Style 1056D / 3-6 months
Styles 1079D,1085D / 1 year

Roll width sizes may change without notice. Custom widths are available.

Tyvek® is a registered trademark of DuPont™ for its brand of protective material. DuPont™ Tyvek® can be recycled at centers that recycle flexible high density polyethylene (HDPE) products.